With vertically integrated operations and manufacturing capabilities, FibreConneX can meet evolving customer requirements in highly technical markets.

As high power fiber lasers continue to displace traditional lasers in the market, customers will benefit from FibreConneX’s vertically integrated operations and manufacturing capabilities that are well-suited to accelerate development of new splicers and cleavers while meeting evolving customer requirements.

FibreConneX also has the capability to provide custom engineering services for specialty splicing or fiber preparation applications. These services may include custom hardware or software design, process improvement consultation, advanced splicer training and maintenance service agreements. If you need a new optical component and/or require a critical splice, FibreConneX can fabricate spliced components including dissimilar fiber splicing, ball lens, tapers, TEC, combiners and MFAs to accelerate your time to market.

Fujikura’s revolutionary fiber imaging technology, Interrelation Profile Alignment (IPA), alignment and splicing capabilities are possible with virtually any polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber type. Longer fiber tapering application is possible with Fujikura’s Sweep Arc technology. Incorporating profile alignment system (PAS) using cold fiber image and warm image technologies, the optical analysis system delivers improved loss estimation capabilities, fiber image performance with large or small diameter or heat sensitive fibers.