FibreConneX understands wired, wireless, and cloud computing to take your network to the next level

More and more companies are transitioning their networks from copper to fiber optic cable for 100GB speeds, increased data storage capacity and improved density. To assist with network design, some of the biggest names choose FibreConneX as an experienced, knowledgable partner for service, support and training.

For more than 20 years, FibreConneX has been installing all types of network equipment and systems, and is uniquely positioned to assist customers with enterprise services, a Certified Link installer (CLi) training program for contractors and systems integrators and a full line of passive optical components for structured cabling.

With a thorough understanding of all network types—wired, wireless and cloud computing—FibreConneX has extensive experience with LAN, storage/server room, data center and MDU applications. With an unprecedented reputation for excellence in the industry, FibreConneX has the depth of resources necessary to provide the engineering services to design, furnish and install the products, components and accessories for a network custom-designed to meet your specific needs.

FibreConneX provides end-to-end network design solutions including:

  • Implementation and Staging
  • Network Consulting
  • Staff Augmentation with Certified Technicians
  • Product Sales

FibreConneX also serves as a system integrator for your network design, which means we specialize in bringing together multiple systems for inputting, processing, interpreting, storing and categorizing data. We work closely with you to develop affordable, scalable solutions, whether you need something new, want to add to your existing network, or need to upgrade and replace an outdated network. With regional offices throughout the U.S. and Europe, FibreConneX is ready to help take your business to the next level with groundbreaking network design.