iTAC Fibre Cable

The iTAC fibre cable is invisible Thermal Adhesive Coated (iTAC) fibre cable which is a Clear (or invisible) 900-micron fibre micro-cable with integrated adhesive, the colour of tight buffer is transparency and almost invisible. It is almost undetectable to the casual observer – perfect for the discerning home owner.



  • Provides flexible and nearly invisible installation of fibre cable within a home or business.
  • Bonds consistently to common surfaces in any indoor environment – around baseboard, windows, and trim work.
  • Temperature-tunable, portable, handheld tool provides easy and fast installation.
  • Micro-cable is compatible with most field installable connectors and can be fusion spliced into the network.


Construction Data Tight buffer material Invisible material
Tight buffer color Transparency
Adhesive Coating Thermal Adhesive


Cable Diameter 1.2mm
Tight buffer fiber diameter 0.9±0.05 mm
Tight buffer fiber weight 1kg/km
Operation Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~+50℃
Aging test 85℃, 85%R.H, 2000h


Coating strip force (GR-409-CORE) ≤ 13.3 N
Max. loading (IEC794-1), Long term 3 N
Max. loading (IEC794-1), Short term 6 N
Min bend radius (IEC794-1), Dynamic 10mm@G657B3
Min bend radius (IEC794-1), Static 5mm@G657B3
Crush resistance (IEC794-1) 500N/100mm


Fiber type Single-mode, (1310/1550nm)
Attenuation, Maximum, dB 0.4/0.3
Zero Dispersion Slope <0.093ps/km.nm2
Dispersion (1285~1340nm) -3.5 – 3.5ps/(nm-km)
Mode field Diameter 9.3±0.4μm
Cut off wavelength cable <1270nm
Cladding diameter (μm) 125±1.0