Choose FibreConneX as your one-source provider for optical FTTx solutions

Increasing demand for high-speed broadband Internet access, TV, telephone and wireless services is driving businesses to invest in or expand upon state-of-the-art fiber optic networks. Known in the industry as FTTx, municipalities, utilities, real estate developers, private companies, telecommunications/service providers and other businesses are looking for knowledgeable, reliable and experienced partners for end-to-end fiber network solutions.

FTTx brings the quad-play signal from service provider to the subscriber, whether it is a residence or home (FTTH), a building (FTTB), a node (FTTN) or desk (FTTD). FibreConneX is the only provider that offers a portfolio including PON, or active electronics, and end-to-end passive infrastructure.

As technology leaders, FibreConneX offers a complete portfolio of integrated test equipment for use in the field with its best-in-class NOYES® product line. Whether you’re installing fiber optic cable or testing a splice, choose FibreConneX’s easy-to-use, application-specific NOYES fiber optic network testing equipment. The NOYES name is synonymous with exceptional quality and outstanding service for telecommunications and broadband companies, private networks and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Additionally, FibreConneX is the first and only company that provides an optical fiber identifier (OFI) that automatically detects signal types on FTTH. This multi-layered product decodes optical signals and allows customers to reuse fiber and save millions of dollars. A rugged hand-held unit, the OFI can be used during installation, maintenance, rerouting or restoration to positively identify fibers prior to cutting and splicing.

Across a neighborhood, campus or city, FibreConneX makes FTTx easy. We offer a customized FTTx modeling tool that uses your input and our expertise to configure the solution that is right for your application.

FibreConneX FTTx solutions include:

  • Passive infrastructure
    • Fiber Apparatus
    • Optical Connectivity
    • Fiber Optic Cabling
    • Fusion Splicing Systems
    • Test and Inspection Equipment
    • Cleaning Supplies
  • FTTx electronics
    • PON Systems
    • Point-to-point
    • RF Video
  • System Engineering and Services
  • Training

As the world migrates toward a fiber optic infrastructure, FibreConneX is uniquely poised for the growth of FTTx markets. With an unsurpassed knowledge of end-to-end, cost-effective solutions for customers, select FibreConneX to help you bring fiber the last mile—to your subscriber.