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FibreConneX is a complete provider with a consistent system approach for copper and fiber-optic technology. As such, it will accompany the network operators into the FTTX era. Innovative and proven cabling solutions are available for all levels, from distribution centers to home or building connections. FibreConneX leads its partners to success with its expertise from numerous carrier projects and all-round service.

All FibreConneX systems are based on modular principles. The distributor and connection technologies have a modular design and are perfectly compatible with each other. That means they can be deployed flexibly in accordance with the needs of the given market and site. Partners also retain all options when selecting network architectures, expansion strategies and access models. Owing to their modular design, the systems are readily scalable and open to new technologies such as up-and-coming wavelength division multiplexing (WDM – PON). In other words, partners invest only in what they really need.

High availability and performance of the networks is assured by Swiss quality, the industry-leading FibreConneX standards and advanced security and safety features. At FibreConneX, each part is individually tested for all relevant parameters before leaving the factory.

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